Read this book before you go to counseling
Couples in Marriage Counseling and how they got there

You Complete Me
and Other Myths that Destroy
Happily Ever After

By Victoria Fleming Ph.D.

5. We'll Be Happy When We Get There

A certain amount of sacrificing today for the sake of tomorrow is a good thing. "We'll be happy when we get there" can be destructive if one or both believes that we'll ONLY be happy IF we get there and loses sight of the importance of happiness along the way.

Realistically, both partners make sacrifices along the way. Traditionally, she trades her career aspirations for a 'mommy track.' He sacrifices quality parenting time for financial security. Nowadays, those roles are not necessarily tied to gender, but with dual-income families, everyone is doing all they can to make ends meet. They key is to connect and communicate regularly, making sure you are in agreement about time, money, and parenting issues.

After all, "We'll be happy when we get there" assumes you are going to finish the journey together, and that isn't going to happen if it becomes an unsustainable arrangement for either of you.