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Couples in Marriage Counseling and how they got there

You Complete Me
and Other Myths that Destroy
Happily Ever After

By Victoria Fleming Ph.D.

New York Book Festival 2011 Winner

New York Book Festival 2011

Wildcard Category

New England Book Festival 2011 Winner

New England Book Festival 2011

Wildcard Category

San Francisco Book Festival 2011 Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention
San Francisco Book Festival 2011


Here's what people are saying about

“You Complete Me is one of the most realistic, intelligent, grounded, and truly insightful guides to making a marriage or committed relationship actually work, and thrive I've ever read. I found it refreshing, honest, and sane, offering guidance that will make an immediate and profound positive difference in any struggling relationship. It helped me and it will help you as well.”
Sonia Choquette
Author of NY times best-selling book “The Answer Is Simple...Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit!”
“Who hasn't entertained one of these myths at one time or another, or perhaps were living one of them without realizing it? This is an eye-opening book for any couple looking for insight into their relationship.”
Deacon Peery Duderstadt, Northbrook Illinois.
“I found it an excellent self-help tool for every day annoyances that just go with the territory of a long-term marriage.”
Cuky Harvey
National Educator of Hawaiian Lomilomi
“Using case studies that illustrate the myths that weaken marriages, Dr. Fleming has produced a readable book full of successful strategies that any couple can use to begin living an authentic and real happily ever after.”
Amy Schlumpf Manion
Author of “Married Life: An Inside Look.”